14 Unique Mother's Day Gifts for Triathletes who have "Everything"

What to get for the triathlete who has everything? If your mom or wife lives and breathes triathlon, but already has a closet full of gear and Ironman-branded clothing, you have to look "outside the box" for a fun gift she will appreciate.

Here are 14 eclectic gift ideas that should get your creative juices flowing. Most are under $100, and are things your triathlete will love, but would probably never buy for themselves!

Gift ideas for the "train to eat (or drink)" triathlete

Texas Craft Steaks

Does your triathlete train hard and love meat? Treat her to a box of steaks, burgers or a gift card so they can choose their own goodies. Texas Craft Steaks is one of many meat delivery services that features farm-to-table meats from small ranches (gift cards $25 and up).

Custom cookies from Hayley Cakes

Looking for something more playful but still delicious? Consider a box of custom-made cookies! Our Austin-based favorite Hayley's Cakes and Cookies has a very, very big selection of unique cookies to choose from, from Baby Yoda to snarkier options ($60-85).

Triathlon wine glass

If a post-workout glass of wine is usually on the menu, why not use just the right wine glass, like this one from Gone for a Run ($20)? You can even personalize it on the back.

Swimming-related gifts

Swim parka 

Winter workouts are more bearable with a swim parka to keep Mom warm before and after swimming ($60-120). Check out good options here, and go the extra mile and get it custom embroidered! 

And who wouldn't like a pair of swimming goggles that stay comfortable even on the longest swims, and don't leave your sweetie with goggle marks around the eyes afterwards? Choose a pair of air-cushioned Snake and Pig Basilisk goggles, making sure to choose the tint that will work best for the pool location your loved one uses (dark tint for outside in the daytime; clear, amber or blue for all others; $24-35).

Pick out a pair of goggles and a cap, and get the cap free using the code "GIFT" at checkout!

Cycling gifts

BTP handlebar tape

Does your favorite triathlete wear crazy socks and cycling gear that really stands out in a crowd? If so, she might appreciate a roll of BTP's eclectic handlebar tape. They have a wide variety of woven and even reflective tapes to choose from ($30-35). 

Lucky Cat water bottle cage

Or how about a fun water bottle cage or two? Portland Design Works has cats, dogs, birds and more, some with matching water bottles ($20-30).

Hoo Ha Ride Glide 

All those hours in the saddle can get really uncomfortable. How about adding a tube of chamois cream to your gift? Choose the very popular Chamois Butt'r 'Her or the more cleverly named Hoo Ha Ride Glide ($25). 

Running gifts

 Noxgear Tracer360 light vest

Keep your loved one safe out on the roads and trails with this gift! When it's dark outside, the Noxgear Trace360 light vest will keep her highly visible with a variety of colors and blinking options ($40-70) - there's even a version for pups! 


And help Mom carry a phone, keys, gels, whatever - and NO bouncing! The RooSport pocket uses a magnet to clip securely inside the waistband of pair of shorts or tights. Comes in a variety of colors and fits all sizes of phones ($33).

Racing gear

SpeedHound Transition Mat 

Sure, you can use the same old towel to set up your transition area. But what triathlete wouldn't appreciate a squishy and cute transition mat on race day? This item is one that will delight every time. Check out the wild designs from SpeedHound that include space for friends (or you!) to write an encouraging note, or choose something more conservative on Amazon ($35). 

Recovery tools

Encourage your loved one to recover well after working out or racing with one of these gifts.

Oofos sandals and slide for him and her 

A pair of Oofos sandals or slides feel awesome on your feet after a long run or race. The squishy soles are so luxurious! ($50-70)

The Original Worm - portable massage roller in pink and black

The Original Worm portable, full-body massage roller is great for rolling out tight muscles or for extra comfort when driving or flying. If Mom has some chronically sore spots, this is a gift she will use often. Choose from black and pink options in two sizes ($24-32)!

Cryotherapy chamber

Hands-on massage is always a welcome gift for any triathlete. Or up the ante for the adventurous person in your life with a trip to a whole body cryotherapy chamber ($25-50). Make sure to check out possible side-effects to make sure it will work for your mom, and look for a local facility that is staffed by medically trained professionals.

Do you have another gift idea to recommend?

Please leave a comment below to let us know a favorite triathlon-related gift you've given or received!

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