How to use the Snake & Pig anti-fog solution bottle

It's easy to make your own anti-fog solution and apply it evenly to your goggles before each swim. Watch our video here, or follow the instructions below.

First, make your anti-fog solution:

1. Take off the cap and pull off the top of the applicator

2. Add 2 small drops of baby shampoo

3. Fill not-quite-full with drinkable tap water

4. Put the sponge top back on, and tighten the cap

5. Mix gently

Then use the anti-fog bottle:

Before each swim, squeeze the anti-fog bottle gently while smearing the liquid on the inside of your goggles using the soft applicator.

No rinsing is necessary, and your goggles will stay fog-free from start to finish!

Pro tips:

  • Don’t press the sponge tip down hard onto the lens since the plastic part that holds the sponge could scratch the lens. Instead, squeeze the sides of the bottle to get liquid to come out as you gently smear it over the surface of the lens with the sponge tip.
  • Cover the inside of your goggles with a thin layer of diluted baby shampoo for best results.
  • If you don't have any baby shampoo around the house, we recommend checking the travel section of your local grocery store or drug store for an inexpensive travel-sized bottle.