Swim happy in air-cushioned comfort

Black tinted goggles from Snake and Pig help you avoid marks around your eyes after you swim

What's unique about Snake & Pig:

More comfort:  The double-walled air-cushion gaskets keep you comfortable to the end of every swim

Less goggle marks: Keep water out without overtightening, so you can say goodbye to all-day raccoon eyes

Better fit: Junior Basilisk fits small faces, and Basilisk comes with 3 nose-pieces for less one-sided leaking

About Snake & Pig Goggles
Comfortable swim goggles that don't give you raccoon eyes are perfect for men and women

Swimming doesn't have to hurt

Goggles shouldn't get uncomfortable before the end of your swim, or leave goggle marks for hours.

Try a pair of air-cushioned Snake & Pig goggles. They really are different!

More comfort, less "panda eyes"

Lap swimmers love the comfort of Snake & Pig swim goggles and caps

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