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I didn’t know anything about Snake and Pig goggles...

But they are the most comfortable and best fitting goggles I’ve ever had. I love the name, and they don’t give me “goggle face”!


These goggles are the BEST I have ever worn.

No pain and no panda eyes - it's made swimming so much more enjoyable.


I kept hearing how comfortable they are,

and everyone was right. I can wear these goggles for a 2.5 mile swim and they're still comfortable. They are hands down the best goggles I have ever worn. And customer service is awesome.


No leaks and no more goggle eyes!

I have a small face, and the juniors are perfect. 

I’m 60 years old and literally have been looking for goggles like these for over 45 years.


No leaking or pressure headaches

I couldn't believe how soft the air cushion really is against my face, and true to advertising, I only have minimal lines that disappear in less than an hour.


What's unique about Snake & Pig:

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Snake & Pig: Weird name. Comfy goggles!

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We guarantee you will love your Snake & Pig goggles.

No more fiddling, no more leaking, no more discomfort, even on your longest swims!

Try the three nose bridges, and adjust the rolling buckles to create a good seal. In the unlikely event that you are not a fan after testing out your Basilisk goggles in the water, contact us to return them for a full refund.

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