Frequently asked questions

The strap of my goggles is twisted. How do I fix it?

Please hold one eye piece and turn the other one around the nose bridge. The strap will untwist. If it only gets more twisted, turn it the other way. Alternatively, you can pull the goggles apart at the nose bridge and then snap them back together so that the strap is fixed.

You can watch a demonstration here:

My new goggles get foggy after swimming for 10 minutes. How can I avoid it? How does anti fog work?

Plastic is a hydrophobic material. This means as water condenses on the lens, it forms a spherical droplet on it. These small droplets of water make the lens foggy.

The anti-fog process for our swimming goggles consists of coating and curing a layer of hydrophilic material on the inside of the lens in a controlled environment. With the anti-fog coating, when water condenses on the inside of the lens, it forms a thin layer of water film, which keeps the lens clear.

However, sometimes the water does not condense evenly on the lens, and the lenses can turn blurry after 10 minutes. If this happens, submerge the goggles in water, then let the water drain. Next, smear the inside of the lenses with your soft fingertip or knuckle.  After swiping the wet lens 3-10 times, the lens should feel a bit slippery, and should not fog. If the lenses are not slippery at all, the original anti-fog coating has worn off. (Please use fingertip or knuckle only on the inside of the goggle lens.  Don't wipe it with cloth.  It will leave scratch marks.

It should be noted that since anti-fog coating is made of hydrophilic (water-loving) material, it dissolves in water over time. The less the inside of the lens gets in contact with water, the longer the anti-fog coating will last.

After the original anti-fog coating has worn off, you can use baby shampoo or a commercial anti-fog product to keep your lenses clear. To use baby shampoo, apply a very thin layer to the inside of each lens, and then dip the goggles in water to activate it.

This video explains how to use baby shampoo to keep your goggles fog-free:


Should I order a junior pair for my narrow face?

Some women with narrow faces find that the Junior Basilisk fits better than the Basilisk. If you typically use kid's sized goggles or sunglasses, the same may be true for you as well!

If you have a pair of goggles that have fit you well in the past, measure the distance from center to center of the lenses and between the outside edges of the lenses. Compare to the photo below to see if the Junior Basilisk (top) or Basilisk with the smallest nose bridge (bottom) will work better for you. 

(Center to center: 2.8" for Junior, 3.2" for Basilisk.)
(Outside to outside: 5.4" for Junior, 5.9" for Basilisk)

Comparing Junior Basilisk and Basilisk for small faces


How should I clean my goggles before my big race?

Rinse out any visible dust, eyelashes or sand with tap water. 

Fill each lens cup half-way with tap water. Add a drop of baby shampoo (conditioner free), and mix the shampoo into the water.  

Swipe around on the inside of the lenses with your soft (not scratchy) fingertip about 5 to 10 times to remove any dust and grease. Avoid scratching the lenses with your fingernails. 

Drain the shampoo mixture out of the goggles.  You should see a thin layer of moisture spread evenly on the inside of each lens.  Repeat these steps if you see holes or gaps in the moisture layer.

Let your goggles air dry.  Never wipe or dry the inside of your goggles with a towel, tissue, microfiber cloth or commercial anti-fog wipe.  It will leave permanent scratch marks. 

When your goggles are dry, you can breathe into the lenses to test out the anti-fog coating of baby shampoo that you have created.   

You now have a perfect anti-fog coating for your race or workout!  This anti-fog coating will last for 1 to 3 swims. 

The buckle on my goggles broke. Is it possible to replace it?

Yes! Please email us at snakeandpigsports (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address and a picture of the broken buckle.  We will mail you a replacement buckle.

Do you sponsor swimming teams and triathlon clubs?

Thank you for your interest in Snake and Pig! Please email us at snakeandpigsales (at) gmail (dot) com for more information about club sponsorship.