About Snake and Pig

Snake and Pig surfing

Why the Strange Name?

Our company was born in 2016 in Austin, TX as the dream of a couple to build something together.  Michael, aka The Pig, is of Taiwanese origin. He is an engineer, not only as a professional, but at heart. He loves designing and creating things that are innovative, practical, and yet affordable, and, as he often says, that "look cool”. Melissa, aka The Snake, grew up in Venezuela. She loves words, cultures, communication, and attempting to understand human nature and needs.

At the time of the conception of the venture, The Snake was studying Chinese Language and Culture. In one of her lessons, her class discussed the Chinese zodiac, and Melissa discovered that she was a snake and Michael was a pig. She found this particularly humorous, because in Venezuela the Spanish term “cuaima” is used both for snakes and, in a slightly negative way, for astute, dominant women, while in the US and many other cultures “pig” is a derogatory term for men. In the Chinese zodiac, not only are both signs considered weaker than more popular animals such as tigers or dragons, but they are also considered to be mutual enemies.

Snake and Pig

Snake & Pig Sports is a playful attempt to redeem our animals from ancient stigmas and to defy old models and stereotypes. We want to turn them into signs of a strong partnership and a powerful brand that is not afraid to innovate.

In the Austinite spirit of small companies with a unique character, the goal of Snake & Pig Sports is to focus on customers’ needs to produce high-quality, exclusive designs, while maintaining high standards of safety, comfort, ecological responsibility, functionality, and simplicity.