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The Basilisk - Black amber

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If you have been dreaming of a more comfortable pair of goggles for your lap swim workouts, you have found them! The Basilisk's one-of-a-kind double-walled air cushion gasket is more gentle on your eye socket than traditional single-walled suction gaskets. If your goggles hurt before your workout does, you owe it to yourself to try the Basilisk.

You’ll notice how much softer they feel as soon you put them on.

These amber tinted lenses are ideal for indoor and early morning outdoor swims, and the black/silver styling matches your “down to business” mindset.

Look good, see clearly, swim happy!

What is unique about The Basilisk compared to most goggles?

The thing you will notice the most is a softer fit around the eyes because of our patented air cushion gasket.

We’re also really proud of how The Basilisk has helped swimmers who have been frustrated by water leaking in on one side during races over and over again. The swappable nose pieces allow for more optimal spacing between your eyes than one-piece goggles, which means less water leaking due to a poor fit.

The fish-tail rolling buckles are also unique – just grab the fish-tail tabs and pull forward or back to adjust how tight you like your fit while you’re wearing the goggles.

Product features

  • Ideal for triathletes and lap swimmers
  • Amber tint for low or bright light conditions
  • Air cushion gasket for a softer fit
  • Three easily exchangeable nose pieces for less leaking
  • Fish-tail rolling buckles for easy adjustments while wearing
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Recyclable packaging


Money-back Guarantee
If after tightening the fish-tail buckles and trying all three nose pieces the Basilisk just doesn’t fit you well, we will provide a full refund for your purchase.

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