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Top-Anchored Basilisk - Black dark tint

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Due to the incredible support of many Snake & Pig fans, we have sold out our limited run of Top Anchored Basilisk goggles.  We are currently optimizing the design of this product and hope to bring it back in greater quantities in the future. Please join our email list to be notified when it is back in stock.

Thank you for your interest in the top-anchor goggles!


Introducing our new top-anchored goggles to further reduce goggle marks. 

The top anchor prevents a strong push off the wall from causing your goggles to leak. This frees you to loosen the side strap by one or two clicks.
Less tightness = less goggle marks.  

You can even dive with confidence - your goggles will never slip or flip down again!

This is a new limited-release product, only for Snake & Pig fans!
We look forward to your feedback after a few weeks of swimming with these unique patent-pending goggles. 

How to use the top anchor Basilisk:

  1. Adjust the tightness of the goggles using the fishtail rolling buckles on the sides
  2. Adjust the tightness of the top anchor strap just until you do not feel an upward pull on the goggles
  3. Swim and dive as usual!

See how to do it in this video -

The top anchor is made of the same silicone as our goggle strap, making it simple to trim a lot or a little with a pair of regular household scissors.

If you ultimately decide you don't want to keep the top anchor straps, you can simply trim them off, leaving you with a pair of dark-tinted Basilisks, just like the ones you already know and love.

Also included:

  • Two extra nose pieces
  • DIY anti-fog bottle (empty)