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The Basilisk - Black with clear metallized lenses

The Basilisk - Black with clear metallized lenses

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Comfortable goggles for triathletes and lap swimmers

Swimming doesn't have to hurt - or leave deep goggle marks! 

The Basilisk's unique double-walled air cushion gasket is more gentle on your eye socket than traditional single-walled suction gaskets. It's unlike anything you've seen or swum with before!

The soft fit of Snake & Pig goggles means you don't have to overtighten your straps to keep water out, reducing goggle marks and goggle pain. 

This clear tint is ideal for low light conditions. The metallized finish means your eyes are more hidden than with a completely clear lens for a "stealthy" effect.

The included free DIY anti-fog application bottle will help you keep your goggles fog-free forever!

Product Features

  • Air cushion gasket for a soft fit
  • Three nose pieces for less leaking
  • Fish-tail rolling buckles for easy adjustments
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Recycled paper packaging
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Latex-free

What's in the box

Every pair of Basilisk goggles comes with the medium nosebridge installed.

Under the goggles you will find:

Other Tints

Not sure which tint is ideal for you?

Here are our suggestions:

Bright light:

Cloudy conditions: 

Low light or indoor swimming: 

Our Guarantee

The "Swim Happy" Guarantee:

If the Basilisk fits well, it will be the most comfortable pair of goggles that you ever try, thanks to its air cushion.

If after tightening the fish-tail buckles and trying all three nose pieces the Basilisk just doesn't fit you well, we will provide a full refund for your purchase.

You can find our complete refund policy here.

Buy now online or find a retailer in your local area.

You can find all our FAQs here.

(US Patent. No. 8,161,578 & No. 7,823,225)

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